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Okay, June is over and we have about 6 weeks of Summer remaining. Maybe you and the family got a chance to visit relatives and you just getting back to town or maybe you had an agreement that June would be the time for teens to do whatever they wanted to do. But now, July’s upon us, you really would love to see a plan, a routine, a schedule.

You have seen this pattern before and the strict guidelines for quarantine have passed. So, why is my kid sleeping until eleven and gaming or scrolling late into the evening?

The answer is the creation of the structure.

The structure can be created by calendaring your family’s remaining summer weeks. Call a calendar meeting with your family and map out July and the first two weeks of August. Begin with holidays, birthdays, visits, and trips. If you find the weeks fairly uneventful, create events: a day at the lake, a drive to a state or national park, or a neighborhood picnic. For our older teens, they might seek a service opportunity or a part-time job. (Local farmer’s markets always need volunteers).


With a summer calendar in place, you can now discuss daily schedules. Within a daily schedule, your young people might make agreements about times for sleep and waking, a fitness schedule, engagement with family, and help around the house. Contract the kids for some of those tasks we can never get to like washing windows, organizing a closet, or doing bedroom makeovers.


Let’s not forget academics, thirty to sixty minutes a day can provide a positive impact on fall readiness. Pick up a workbook and assign a page or section per day. This may be difficult to initiate, and you may feel that you are heading for some conflict. Keep in mind that Just2 can help with this. Throughout the summer weeks, we are working with students to both remediate and accelerate their core knowledge.
Our coaches are skilled in keeping students on track and provide the accountability necessary to create follow-through and a positive experience. Give us a call and we will discuss what we can do for you at a price point that is manageable for your family.

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