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A summer transformation is in development; as I just got off the phone with a struggling mom. She’s a caring mother who wants something more for her child and her relationship with him. As this most recent and chaotic semester came to a close she found herself wondering: Did my child really learn the content he needs for the upcoming semester? Does the grade he received accurately represent his knowledge, understanding, and preparedness? Should I, can I, be doing something else to support him? Why does the conversation become so difficult when I present these concerns to him?

We will begin work with this student tomorrow and I expect to be sharing his success story with you in the near future. How do I know that? I know because we have a caring, coachable parent coupled with a kid who is ready for a different experience both at school and at home. -Mike Manning, J2 Head Coach


We do this every day, every summer, and every semester. We meet with parents who want their kids to have as many academic options available to them as possible. But, what parents really want, as well, is a transformed & meaningful connection with their child. They want to know that their child is making their best effort, earning grades reflective of their abilities and is surrounded by professionals who will provide the necessary challenges which will result in growth and, eventually, success in life.


Find out how J2 can make a difference in the life of your student and your family. 

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We care….We get you!…and We can help!  

My Instagram account is full of graduation pictures right now. I am proud to report that we have been receiving thank-you messages from recent graduates of Loyola Marymount, Swarthmore College, and the University of Puget Sound just to name a few. One of these students began working with us during her sophomore year. She had big plans both academically and athletically. However, her teachers, as well as her former tutor, were resigned to the idea that she had reached her academic ceiling.

Her mother called us and we got to work right away. We worked intensively and slowly scaffolded her independence. This student has a summer transformation. As a result, she earned high grades in both Pre-Calculus and Calculus and her writing skills drastically improved in time for her college placement testing. She went on to the college of her choice, became the captain of her soccer team, and graduated last week with a double major. I congratulated her on her page and her response was, “I couldn’t have done it without you!” -Mike Manning J2 Head Coach


You might be wondering: How does J2 get these types of results?

At J2 we consider the holistic needs of the student and their family. Our team is unique because we provide both academic tutoring and executive functions coaching. Within these objectives, we explore each student’s natural rhythms to understand when s/he can be most productive and their love languages to identify their “currency” and incentives to achievement. We provide accountability in the form of daily contact online, by phone, or in-person and parent coaching to ensure that we can tighten or loosen the circle of support around the student as needed.


You are probably thinking of someone right now who could use some support. Maybe it is you and your family. So, let’s connect so that we can design a service plan that fits both your needs and your budget. 


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Warm Regards,

Mike, Jaz & the J2 Team

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