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For students of all ages, staying focused on their studies can be a challenge. With the multitude of distractions that exist both in and out of the classroom, it’s important to identify ways to keep students on track. While there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, at Just2 Tutoring we’ve found these distraction busters and study strategies help students get the most out of their study time. 

Calendar & Scheduling

The first strategy that we recommend is using a calendar and beginning to schedule your daily routine. Planning ahead is a great way to ensure  daily and future successes. Developing a schedule or calendar allows students to plan their study sessions in advance, helping them stick to their goals and develop better habits over time. Setting reminders, alarms, and notifications also helps keep them on track when they need to switch tasks or take a break. We examine this in our success theme on Time Management.

Creating the Right Study Environment

Creating a positive environment conducive to studying can make all the difference in how much focus a student has during their studying or during a session. Lighting is especially important — too much light or too little light can cause immediate distraction, especially when there are other noisy distractions around.  Listening to music without lyrics or other soothing sounds can also help drown out outside noise and improve study productivity. It’s also essential for students to make sure they have everything they need within arm’s reach so that they don’t have to get up every few minutes for something small like a pencil or snack, so consider everything needed before heading to a study spot. 

Personal Needs and Field of View for Study Strategies

As well as having enough snacks and drinks, students should also take care of their basic needs before beginning such as using the bathroom, or having their chargers packed. This helps avoid some distractions that can cause our focus to drift. Additionally, it helps if they sit in a power seat — meaning an area where distractions are minimized as much as possible — such as facing away from windows or people walking by, using cubbies or blinders around your workspace that block out peripheral vision, etc., Keeping your field of view clear can help reduce distraction levels significantly. 

Why We Teach Study Strategies at Just2 Tutoring

Developing effective distraction busters and study strategies is essential for student success — whether at home or in the classroom. At Just2 Tutoring, we know not every strategy works for everyone. That is why we teach our students and parents how to find and use their study strategies.. By creating an environment beneficial for learning and arming students with good planning skills, we can help make a difference in your young person’s education. Contact us today to learn more.

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