Engaging in college placement test prep provides many advantages beyond college admission. Often, students report that they, “are not good at taking tests” and feel that the assessment process does not accurately reflect their abilities.

Just2 Tutoring makes use of the most current College Board and ACT materials to improve test performance and SAT/ACT scores. Our work with students has a positive impact on non-standardized testing in the classroom as well.
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The Preliminary Steps

Just2 Tutoring’s SAT and ACT support can serve a student far beyond ensuring quality performance on the anticipated Saturday test date. At J2, we ensure that registration is complete. We assist students in creating schedules which serve their preparedness and we make use of test prep materials to greatly improve test performance for all core academic coursework. 

The test preparation process provides effective strategies for approaching various assessment formats and allows for students to build awareness around their visual perception of the test. We also address students’ emotional reactions to formal testing.

Recommendations for Incoming Seniors
Many of our SAT and ACT Support students are entering their senior year and are committed to devoting a portion of their summer to prepare for the August SAT and/or the September ACT tests. J2 often works with students in the summer before their senior year, preparing in a concentrated way for six or more sessions. Coaching sessions are held at a time that fits for the student’s schedule, for the test that best suits their style.  

Recommendations for Incoming Juniors
We often meet with students during the summer months who are entering their Junior year. We specifically address assessment performance and study skills. By making use of the SAT and ACT tests, we provide a relevant context for high school Juniors to improve their testing performance in all subject areas. At the same time, we offer some preliminary college placement test practice.

When should a student schedule their SAT/ACT?
Each high school Junior enrolled in public school takes the SAT in April.  We always tell Juniors that their classes come first, above studying for the SAT/ACT.  Junior year is a tough year academically and students should be spending their time doing well in their classes. And of course, they should be participating in their chosen activities and leading a balanced life.

While we don’t typically recommend concentrated test preparation for incoming Juniors, we do work with many students in this group who want to improve study skills and test-taking confidence for the classroom. These improvements are reflected in their SAT/ACT scores the following year.

October, November, and December test scores should arrive in time for regular admission application deadlines that are mid-January to mid-February, and October and November are fine for most early decision applications.

ACT or SAT: Which Test is the Best Fit?
Recently there have been significant changes to both the SAT and ACT tests in both format and scope. At this time the ACT continues to present more straight-forward questions coupled with time constraints. The SAT continues to be a bit more analytical with slightly more liberal time expectations.

Both tests seem to be more similar today than they have been in the past. J2 will be happy to discuss which test would be the best fit for you.

Students Who Perform the Best
Students who perform the best after our coaching are those who practice what they have learned in a session.  After the first session, students can maximize the time spent with their J2 coach by completing portions of the test. Student self-correction can be both time effective and provide a deeper understanding of concepts.

Get more information on registering for the SAT or ACT. 

The Real Solution: Meeting a Student’s Unique Needs in Terms of Accommodations
J2’s Global Focus Coaching means that we don’t just do “test prep.” We offer customized in-person, one-on-one, and online test support for the SAT and ACT that is particularly helpful in supporting students who struggle to find time to practice, have test anxiety or have low practice-test scores despite preparedness in content areas.

We often work with students who are eligible for testing accommodations, have complex schedules due to travel or activities, or have executive functioning challenges (sometimes due to ADD or ADHD). If needed, we can arrange that 100% of the test prep take place during our sessions. We suggest a meeting schedule that best reflects the student’s needs and we offer competitive pricing.

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