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Just2 Tutoring & The Wisdom of Illness

Most students begin the semester in a powerful way, making commitments to succeed in ways not seen before.  As the weeks expire, often the motivation does as well. Our new good habits and practices surrender to old ways of being. Just2 Tutoring knows these patterns well.

J2 serves the unique needs of students and troubleshoots waning motivations, countering them with waves of success, achievement and encouragement to keep students on the right track.

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There is wisdom in illness

But sometimes, there are circumstances beyond student control, such as illness. When a simple head cold becomes the flu or worse, we adults must encourage and model appropriate retreat and provide time to heal. There is nothing more important than a child’s health. Without it there can be no birthday parties, goals scored or A grades.

Parents know their kids best.

Parents know their kids best and are often the best judge of the appropriateness of a day or a few days off from school. The impact on parents of giving a child space or “time off” is enormous as parents then grapple with their own motivations to succeed, to appear in control and fully available to their business or employer.In a culture where everyone is expected to not only appear, but to be at their best twenty-four seven, illness can be more than an inconvenience.

Consider that the care and attention that you provide your child when they are ill to rest and heal, sets a tone that will carry through to their own relationships and most importantly, the way they will parent their own children someday. There is wisdom in illness. There is wisdom in knowing when to rest and to reset to be able to be at our best again.

When our kids are ill we can teach them how to care for loved ones

Our fast paced culture promotes strength, beauty and desirability. We as parents also understand that a real partner and a true supporter is someone who will nurse you through a fever, hold your hair back when you are sick and prepare an old family recipe of chicken soup to assist and often expedite the recovery. The world can wait, and schools are equipped and required to support students as they recover.

The wisdom of an illness is also perfect self-regulation training ground. With the support of your Just2 Tutoring global focus coach, students can get real about when it is appropriate to rest, relax and reset. We encourage parents to use the wisdom they hold have as to know when kids are well enough to resume study or to return to classes. J2 is there to provide online sessions via video conferencing as our students are on the mend and make efforts to complete missed assignments and assessments.

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The good news is that your kids are strong and healthy! They will fully recover and return to strong healthy habits if we allow the time and space for proper healing and to gain their own wisdom from illness.

I invite you to ask yourself:

Who cared for you when you were ill as a child?

How did that person demonstrate care for you?

What care do you require and desire when you are not at your best?

How do you model self care to your family?

What wisdom have you gained from rest?

I’ll close with an interesting perspective on a rest day by Jill Savage, the go-to-mom.:

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