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J2 Transition Workshops for Incoming 9th Grade Students

The transition from elementary to middle school can be subtle and easy or it can be turbulent and challenging. Students and their families often have questions about how to best prepare for ninth grade. While many 8th graders have visited next year’s new school and may even have friends or siblings who have already crossed the academic river, kids still have questions about their upcoming year. We offer a transition workshop to help answer all their questions to make a smooth transition into the next school.

Just2 Tutoring Starting at a new school transition workshops

Will I have the same friends?

How will my daily schedule change?

What will the teachers be like?

Will there be more homework?

What sports and clubs could I join?

Will I be academically ready?

What if there are bullies?

What questions have I not even thought about?

While J2 is committed to providing one on one global focus coaching and content tutoring, we have found a way for our services to become accessible to more families and to address the transitional needs of our elementary school graduates.

Just2 Tutoring has designed a very special, small group, four hour workshop for 8th grade students who want to get themselves ready for middle school. They will explore their new school, get the answers to their questions and access resources that will ensure that they are socially and academically prepared for the changes ahead.

These emerging 9th graders will hear firsthand from students about their experiences as they moved from 8th to 9th grade. These upperclasswo/men will share what worked well and what did not. We will hear from middle school counselors who will give kids the inside angles on how to navigate a larger school, increasing expectations and the rotation of classes.

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Students will engage in round table discussions about what they know, think they know and want to know about ninth through twelfth grade. Students will be guided in acquiring necessary materials and effective organization of notes, binders and backpacks. They will identify their learning style and strategies for study at the next level; they will identify their reading speed and techniques for managing lengthy readings and research projects. Emerging ninth graders will demonstrate, share and study research and writing techniques for effective essay composition at the middle school level. Students will identify their baseline mastery level for mathematics and put tools strategies and support in place to ensure their readiness. Finally, Students will set personal performance goals for their upcoming year and share these goals with their parents and teachers in the Fall.

Included in the workshop package is a sixty minute parent forum where parents can have their questions answered about how best to support both themselves and their child as the family transitions to a new school and a new year. Additionally, students and their family will schedule a thirty minute private consultation to discuss the individual student’s needs for effective transition to high school.

Just2 Tutoring Parent Consultation and transition workshops

The J2 Transition Workshop for Incoming 9th Grade Students is easy to fit into your family’s schedule and will take place over 2 two hour workshops and will be offered in both mid July and early August.

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Workshop Pricing:

2-Two hour Workshops

1-60 minute Parent Forum

1-30 minute Family Consultation                       

                                                                  All for only $250*

                                                                              -$20 per registration referral signs up with you

                                                                             Early Workshop Commitment $200**

                                                                             Workshop with Fall Semester Commitment $100***

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J2 also offers transition workshops for emerging 6th grade students.

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